Sunsit is an international company specialising in the design, manufacturing and sales of outstanding outdoor furniture.

Sunsit manages the entire process from A to Z and even has its own R&D department and manufacturing facilities in the Far East.

The company also works closely with a solid, international network of leading partners.

As well as design and quality, a perfect feel for market trends and rapid response times have also contributed to Sunsit’s successful formula. Sunsit monitors the market, listens to its customers, knows what is happening and remains alert. This has resulted in solid brand name collections available at very affordable prices.

Sunsit controls the entire process very carefully and strives for durability and aesthetic appeal. Sunsit’s exclusive, all-weather collections are available via specialist retail outlets and chains throughout virtually the whole of Europe under its own brand names and as private labels for reputable sales partners. Sunsit also develops complete concepts on behalf of these partners.

Doing business with Sunsit is a particularly pleasant experience and provides benefits for all parties concerned. We welcome the opportunity to discuss these with you in person. If interested, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Our brand: SUNS


It is time to turn the inside, out. Sharing the sun and comfort together. We provide the means. Outdoor-furniture with a taste. SUNS is positive, authentic and just that little different. Let the sunshine in …

5 Collections
SUNS comes in 5 collections: SUNS Red, SUNS Green, SUNS Grey, SUNS Orange and SUNS Blue. Discover them all.

Quality is a matter of choice. In materials, in design and construction. Once you have the basics sorted out, you will have to guard quality in every step of the production process. With years of experience in furniture production, SUNS knows how to realise and retain quality. This makes our products comfortable and reliable.

Form and function should melt together. In a piece of furniture to enjoy time after time. To relax in or just to watch it. A point of ease in garden, patio or terrace. SUNS takes design seriously. The result is outdoor furniture with a taste. Positive, authentic and just that little different. Enjoy!

Material, design, construction and production process. SUNS dived deep into the art of furniture making. We thoroughly re-evaluated every aspect. And we never stop looking. SUNS is continuously improving to develop the most distinctive and attractive garden experience.




SUNS Catalogue Collections 2018

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Attention to detail

SUNS designer Ed van Engelen explains: “SUNS is a brand that dares to stand out. By carefully anticipating on trends, within and beyond the outdoor furniture industry, we are able to create products and collections that fit the expectations of customers and are, at the same time, ‘just that little different’.
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